POSITIONS Munich Art Fair 2021

+++ 2021 paper positions munich – the show will take place at Karl & Faber instead of POSITIONS Munich Art Fair +++

The second edition of the new POSITIONS Munich Art Fair is postponed to 2022 due to the Corona Pandemic. Instead we are showing a group exhibition with 20 artistic positions of paper positions from 21 – 24 October 2021: paper positions munich – the show at Karl & Faber in October 2021.
Please find further information here.

After two very successful editions of paper positions munich, the fair has been expanded to POSITIONS Munich Art Fair in 2019 with a special sector paper positions.

The POSITIONS Munich Art Fair  invites international galleries to apply with their most important positions of contemporary and modern art. 

The paper positions munich will remain as a special section of the new fair and will continue to focus on this particular genre. The galleries and their artists are given a presentation opportunity, which is dedicated to the medium of paper with all its specific features, its fragility and its enormous versatility.

POSITIONS Munich Art Fair and paper positions consciously focus on a salon-like exhibition situation in the sense of a communicative and interacting fair concept without classic booths that is also tailored to sensitive exhibits.